Are weighted blankets a con, or worth it?

Is it a fad or a genuine product that will continue to sell? Will we soon all be owning weighted blankets or will it die a slow, gradual death into obscurity?

That’s the question on everyone’s lip lately. The science isn’t fully decided yet, and although weighted blankets have been used medically for many decades, they haven’t quite made the jump to wide adoption in the same way that, say, memory foam mattresses have.

With every passing week it seems there’s a new company out there willing to sell you a weighted blanket or an oversized heavy knit sheet. Some examples are REMY Sleep, and even Emma Mattress now sell a heavy blanket for about £80. Perhaps the most expensive is the SIMBA Orbit blanket, currently on sale for a whopping £169,90. That is not cheap, for what is ultimately some cotton, polyester and weighted metal balls.

Are weighted blankets dangerous? Didn’t someone die?!

This appears to be an urban myth. While they are NOT suitable for people under 5 years old, there is no evidence that they have caused directly a ‘death by weighted blanket’. It looks like another Facebook-induced hysteria utilising fake news to scare people. The NHS have released a PDF which clarifies the situation more – if you read it, it clearly says the child who died was sadly suffering from other conditions too. As always, be sure to follow the guidance and health & safety tips, as you would with any product.

They aren’t even that heavy in my opinion. Granted, a kid would struggle to lift one off it it was under 5 years old, perhaps. But even at 5 years old, most children are fully capable of lifting something that weighs around 5kg.

The problem really is that they are so new, and people haven’t really had time to adjust to having a weighted blanket in their life.