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Between the extensive research that goes into selecting a computer and the amount of money you're forced to part with in the process, shopping for a computer can be a real chore. We assist with reducing the impact of the first dilemma by compiling discount codes and promotional offers on both computers and the services needed to maintain them.

How do I shop online safely for Computing?

It's easy to get caught up in the moment, when you're shopping in the Computing market or niche. But don't worry because we here at have got your back. Here are our tip tops to staying safe today when shopping online:

  • Never buy from websites you haven't heard of. If you aren't sure, then Google them first.
  • On a related note, always look online for reviews. For example, if the store is called LDV, then you will want to look on Google or Bing for "LDV reviews" first before paying.
  • If you are insistent on buying, then make sure to use a credit card. It will give you certain protections from fraudulent online use when buying things related to computing.
  • Not a lot of people know this, but now debit cards also have similar 'chargeback' protection – previously, it was only credit cards that offered this.
  • Never share information with a website that you aren't comfortable doing. For example, you may want to question why a website needs to know your date of birth if the product(s) you are buying have no age restrictions on them. What *are* they going to use this data for...?
  • Check their Terms and Conditions first. In particular, pay close attention to their REFUND POLICY. Every legitimate website will have a refund policy clearly set out.

FAQs for Computing discounts and offers

Can I shop internationally?

Of course! But make sure to check each website's terms and conditions first.

Can I use a promotion code for a computing order?

Yes. Check the inner/relevant page on this website to see the full list of discount codes for computing.

Can I generally buy on credit for computing purchases?

Yes - most retailers today accept payment split over 3, such as Klarna or Laybuy. It depends on the retailer's policies and how much you're spending. But increasingly, you can use split payments or credit for tiny amounts, even as low as £20!

What is the average delivery time for computing orders?

At the time of writing, we don't have this information to hand. Please check back soon.

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