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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Nectar made in the UK?
Yes, their mattress range is fully made in the UK according to their website. Compared to other brands like OTTY that are made in China, this is a great thing to support local manufacturing.
Do Nectar mattress do discount codes?
Yes. You need to use them by clicking on the cart, sometimes they are called "offer codes" or "gift codes" but they are the same thing. If the code doesn't work, try going back to the Nectar homepage, clicking the basket there, and trying again. Sometimes it can take a few goes to apply a voucher.

Discount codes, done the right way

Let's get one thing straight, it isn't our intention to get you to buy from another merchant. You've come to this page because you want a promotion code or coupon for Nectar Sleep. And here at, we aren't going to try to influence your buying decision, that one is up to you. But whatever product you decide to buy, this website will hopefully make it a bit more affordable.

Grab a discount on your next purchase - big or small - right here with We are proud to work with some of the biggest names in online shopping, not just Nectar Sleep. Here are some alternatives:

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Tell me more about Nectar Sleep...

Nectar are owned by an American company and are a pretty big name in the US. Sadly we don't have Casper mattresses here any more after they pulled out of the UK market in 2019, but that doesn't matter. There are plenty of rivals that have more than stepped in their place, and one of those is Nectar.

Looking for Nectar Pillow discount codes?

Sometimes also called Nectar Sleep, they also own the more premium brand DreamCloud. The great thing about Nectar is that they're trying to be more than just a mattress brand: they are also selling some innovative sleep tech products. That includes pillows, duvets, sheets, blankets, even bedside tables. If it belongs in your bedroom then they probably sell it...!

There are also some other perks that set Nectar apart from their rivals. Firstly, the discounts available are pretty generous. While it may seem that the prices can be steep at first, always make sure to use a coupon code and get some money off. In some cases (as we will discuss later) it is EASY to get a 40% discount on most of their products.

A few other perks of Nectar:

  1. Their products are made in the UK
  2. They have a 365-night trial, i.e.a whole YEAR to return a mattress to them.
  3. Their delivery times are not that long, often within 3-5 days.

A good example of their bundles is this one. It is essentially an entire new bed set including pillows, fitted sheets, mattress and more. From only £450 that is a very reasonable price (single).

In addition their bedside tables range has now been extended to include ottomans and more!

If you aren't sure if the mattress range is correct for your needs then read the WhatMattress? review here, or the TrustPilot page is here.

What kind of discount can I expect on Nectar mattresses?

As above, the discounts apply to the entire product range and not just their mattresses. So the more you buy, the more you save - and that includes their bundles too.

Given that the bundles are already reduced in price by anything up to -40% over the standalone prices, this means you can score a super deal if you time it right. The discounts change often but usually you can expect an extra -30% off with a coupon code.

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