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FPUMP**Discount code: free 24hr delivery on a selection of fish mate pond pumps08-15-2022
HOZ**Discount code: free 24hr delivery on hozelock pond pumps08-14-2022
L1**Discount code: free delivery on pond liners08-14-2022
22SUN**Discount code: free 24hr delivery on (£30+ purchases)06-23-2022
22SUNNY**Discount code: free 24hr delivery on (£30+ purchases)06-23-2022
MORE**Discount code: save free 24hr delivery on (£30+ purchases) using05-20-2022

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Pondkeeper is an online British company that specialises in ponds and various pond accessories and equipment.

Pondkeeper is considered as UK’s largest pond specialist after it was established in 2005. Today, Pondkeeper offer pond liners, underlay, pumps, filters and different pond equipment to clients at reasonable prices. Not only that, it is also a good source when it comes to aquariums and its accessories. They also offer expert advise to pond owners and to those who are planning to build one.

Among the equipment that they stock in its inventory are pond kits, vacuums, fish food, UV clarifiers, hose & fittings, lightings, air pumps and filter sets. They also have pond waterfalls, pond plants, pond treatment products, solar power accessories and a whole lot more.

Aside from aquarium and pond products, the company also sells various outdoor items like ground cover and artificial grass.

To inquire or know more about Pondkeeper, visit their website today. You may also checkout their Facebook and Twitter accounts for further details.

Choosing the right biological filter for your goldfish pond can be a challenge. If you haven't considered a vortex prefilter for your pond yet, you may want to consider one. Pondkeeper makes a wide range of multi-chamber filters with mechanical and biological filtration systems. In general, a single-chamber biological filter is sufficient. The pond filter should be accessible for cleaning and should have an outlet pipe that's higher than the surface of the pond.

If you're worried about a pH drop, consider adding a chelating agent, such as EDTA, to your water. A chelating agent is a good way to lower pH levels and prevent pond fish from being stressed by excess levels. In addition, EDTA will reduce the amount of ammonia in the water, which will be beneficial for plants. But this treatment isn't enough. If you're still worried about pH levels, consider getting a pH-testing kit and testing it before you buy anything.

Pumps for ponds vary in their performance. Flow rates are quoted in litres per hour. The ideal pump flow rate depends on the effect you're aiming for. Some are more efficient than others, and filter pumps can be used if you don't need to use a strainer. Self-cleaning filters are also available. Pondkeeper and Bradshaws Direct have matched pump and filter sets that come with everything you need for a complete filtration system.

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About Pondkeeper

There are several different types of pond pumps. This article covers non-submersible, magnetic-drive, utility, and in-line pond pumps. It will also give you some ideas on what you need to choose for your pond. Here's a brief rundown of each type of pump. You can decide which pump is best for your needs based on your needs and your pond's size. And remember to consider the type of fish you plan to keep.

Non-submersible pond pumps

These pumps are perfect for a pond waterfall, fountain, or filter. They come fully assembled and with an all-weather pad. Simple pumping systems are equipped with a fountain jet and adjuster. More advanced pumps feature a pump and filter with a T-piece outlet for easy installation. The pump and filter are designed to work in a whisper-quiet fashion. Plus, they don't require any maintenance or repairs.

External pumps are usually more energy-efficient than submersible pumps. These pumps are more expensive to buy, but they save you money on your electricity bill. They last twice as long as comparable submersible pumps, and they have lower operating costs. They can be operated in an outbuilding, insulated, or weatherproof chamber. You can also install an external pump in the ground and disguise it with a deck or rockery to prevent it from getting noticed.

Filter pumps are often the best option for a filtration system, since they're more effective at removing solids from pond water. They're the most efficient method for creating water flow in a pond or powering a waterfall. However, they operate continuously, which can add up over time. To combat this, many of these pumps have eco-motors, which reduce energy consumption. Some also feature an additional inlet for a satellite strainer cage or a skimmer.

Non-submersible Pondkeeper recirculate water. While the pump's hermetically sealed chamber prevents any harmful particles from entering the pump's chamber, the strainer cage makes it easy to clean and maintain. It also comes with an epoxy-encapsulated construction to prevent harmful oil from leaching into the water and affecting fish and plants. Moreover, it is whisper-quiet and requires minimal maintenance.

The flow rate of the pump is also essential. The flow rate should be around half of the pond's capacity to maintain proper biological filtration. Otherwise, the pond's oxygen level will drop, accelerating the growth of algae. The higher the ammonia and nitrite levels, the greater the risk for the life forms that live in the pond. So, the pump should be chosen carefully to suit your needs.

Magnetic-drive pond pumps

Magnetic-drive pond pumps produce water movement via a balanced magnetic field. They are generally more energy-efficient than direct-drive pumps, which use mechanical seals. Magnetic-drive pumps can operate continuously, without back pressure, because the impeller is permanently attached to a ceramic shaft, which is replaceable when worn out. True magnetic-drive pumps have a magnetic field in each direction when the pump restarts.

One drawback to magnetic-drive pumps is that the size of the pump impeller must be symmetrical, meaning that it cannot accommodate a larger pond project. This type of pump also has multiple drawbacks, which should be taken into consideration before buying one. The biggest drawback of a magnetic-drive pump is its limited size. Larger models require a bigger magnet rotor and impeller assembly, which increases operating temperatures and puts additional strain on the pump's impeller shaft. Additionally, the hot magnet also draws in calcium deposits, which can cause the pump to seize.

Submersible pond pumps are an excellent choice for use in high-volume ponds. They are easy to install and operate, and feature long warranties. High-head models are best for ponds with water features that are over 20 feet tall. The EasyPro TB High Head series are designed to handle the higher head pressure. These pumps also feature thermal overload protection and top-quality mechanical seals. These pumps are very versatile, and they're easy to use and maintain.

Mag-Drive pumps have an impressive reputation for durability. Whether your pond needs a constant flow of water or a small waterfall, a magnetic-drive pump will provide consistent and reliable water circulation. The Pondmaster Mag-Drive Utility Pumps are available in many sizes, from 500 GPH to 1800 GPH, and they are suitable for ponds, water gardens, hydroponics, and water gardens.

Smaller versions of these pumps are quiet and energy-efficient. The smallest models only consume two to ten watts, while the larger ones consume 80 to 120 watts. They can be used continuously, and they last between five and seven years. For this reason, these pumps are perfect for smaller water gardens and statuary fountains. You'll love the way they look and feel in your water garden.

Utility pond pumps

If you want to keep your pond clean and water-filled, utility koi pond pumps are an excellent choice. These pumps are very affordable, durable, and safe for fish. Utility pond pumps are designed to run continuously and provide a constant level of flow. Choose from a variety of sizes, depending on the size of your pond and the type of filtration and recirculation you need. You can also choose from a variety of features, such as an Interactive Pond Help Guide, to find the perfect utility pump for your koi pond.

There are two types of utility koi pond pumps: submersible and dry-mounted. Submersible pumps are typically placed under the water's surface and have a hermetically sealed motor. Choosing between the two types of koi pond pumps will depend on the size of your pond, the type of water in your pond, and your personal preferences. If you're looking for the least expensive utility pond pump for your koi pond, go for a dry-mounted model. However, they're harder to maintain since they can't be plugged in and taken out of the water.

Utility koi pond pumps come in three basic types. Direct-drive submersible pumps are great for koi ponds as they are capable of handling large volumes of water. They're good for transferring coarse debris to an external filter or driving waterfalls. However, their running cost is higher than submersible pumps. However, if your koi pond is far from a power source, a solar pump may be the best choice.

Utility koi pond pumps should be installed in a dry, cool, and well-ventilated area. Make sure to use an external pump if you have a waterfall in your pond. Some external pumps are self-priming. They need to be primed, but they can be used externally as well. Despite being low-maintenance, they require periodic cleaning of the strainer cage.

Utility koi pond pumps for Pondkeeper

In-line pond pumps

One of the most important considerations when buying a Pondkeeper in-line filtration system is filtration. If the pump is not filtering the water properly, turbidity will build up in the water, resulting in high nitrogen and ammonia levels. A filtering system will prevent this from happening by filtering water before it enters the pump. For a better filtration system, use a pond skimmer, which scrapes debris from the surface of the water. You can also add a waterfall filter to increase aeration.

Before turning on the Pondkeeper in-line filtration system, you should install the pump at an elevation that is higher than the rim of your pond. If the pump is installed below the rim of your pond, you should place a check valve in the PVC pipe below the rim of your pond. This check valve allows only one direction of water to flow and will close if the water tries to travel in the opposite direction. Therefore, you should install the pump at a height where the water level is higher than the rim of the fountain.

The pump's hermetically sealed motor is protected from water from outside by a strainer cage. Before, pumps were prone to getting blocked by debris and foam from the pond. The cages now prevent this by removing excess debris that may clog the pump. You should also consider how easy it is to access the pump and its cord. Lifting the pump is dangerous. If you can't access the pump, you can use a trellis, decking, or rockery to hide it.

When choosing a pond pump, you should also take into consideration the alkalinity of the water. Alkalinity levels naturally decrease over time. Bacteria will eventually combine with the alkalinity components to create acids. An ideal level of alkalinity is around 100 ppm. However, this can't be guaranteed as long as you don't use it on a regular basis.

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