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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any valid vouchers for REM-FIT?
Yes, there are. Often you will be able to get a discount up to 40% off, using the vouchers on this page. And of course these discounts apply to pillows, mattresses and pretty much the entire REM-Fit range.
How much is the REM-Fit 400 Hybrid after discount NHS?
The NHS discount available for healthcare and keyworkers is available now to use, and will give you a whopping -45% off the price of an REM-FIT mattress. This also applies to the Lux and Ortho models!

Discount codes, done the right way

Let's get one thing straight, it isn't our intention to get you to buy from another merchant. You've come to this page because you want a promotion code or coupon for REM-Fit. And here at, we aren't going to try to influence your buying decision, that one is up to you. But whatever product you decide to buy, this website will hopefully make it a bit more affordable.

Grab a discount on your next purchase - big or small - right here with We are proud to work with some of the biggest names in online shopping, not just REM-Fit. Here are some alternatives:

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Tell me more about REM-Fit...

REM-Fit is one of the lesser known memory foam brands in the UK, but don't let that put you off. They are focussed on sleep technology perhaps more than many other companies and don't intend to be mass-market. Instead they are focussing on those customers with active, sporty lifestyles who want to catch some quality shut-eye.

Are REM-Fit any good?

They have considerable reviews on TrustPilot here. And remember that they have a 15 year warranty and 100 night trial, which is more than a lot of other sellers and retailers have. For comparison however, Nectar has a 365-night trial.

In terms of discounts, it's important to understand that the mattress niche is very competitive. There are discounts to be had on pretty much any purchase - whether it's a pillow, mattress topper or a memory foam mattress itself - it doesn't matter. The discounts are there, you just hav to look for them :)

Currently at the time of writing, REM-Fit have a -40% sale on. To avail this discount, you don't need to do anything. You just need to purchase from their official website and not through a secondary retailer. The discount is automatically applied at checkout. In short, no voucher is needed.

But if that discount has been discontinued then check this page to see how many discounts, offers and rebates there are on REM-Fit.

Which mattress from REM-FIT is right for me?

This isn't a review website so if you are looking at reading reviews and testimonials before purchase then a good website to start at, is for example this one which reviews the entry-level '400 Hybrid'.

Currently REM-Fit offer 3x different hybrid mattresses:

  1. REM-FIT 400 Hybrid
  2. REM-FIT 500 Ortho Hybrid
  3. REM-FIT 600 Lux Hybrid (link here)

All of these hybrid mattresses have their pros and cons, but be aware the pricing is different too. The cost of buying the REM-FIT 600 at full price is a whopping £1200, but this is often discounted. In fact it can be reduced by as much as -40%, depending on when you are buying your mattress. Of course the best time to buy a mattress is during the Black Friday sales event in November.

Discounts REM-Fit

We know that you probably want to research what works for you and your family, and that's why we don't bamboozle you with buzzwords and forceful marketing. You can use the discount codes that we have found, if you want to - there is no sales pressure here. Only once you are happy that you have found the right product(s) from REM-Fit or other stores, should you proceed to the checkout. And remember that most retailers now have longer return periods, sometimes up to a year - check the small print. If has been useful to you, please tell your friends.

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